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In MLM Industry, all the business plan revolves around adding new members, selling products or services and earning commission through these services. However, the basic ideology behind the MLM Industry is a bit risky for those who have no or small funds. To eliminate this risk factor out of the MLM Industry and allow everyone to be a part of this rapidly thriving business, some plans were introduced which required no or small investment. One such plan is Mobile Recharge MLM Plan.

As the name suggests, this plan works with simple mobile recharge, DTH recharges or bill payment. In this plan, members are required to provide different recharge facilities to general public and in return they receive a small token of commission. Apparently, the risk factor is knocked out and one can earn good money by working harder. The profit depends upon the number of transaction one does and the profit margin is significantly good.

Since the plan is based on a simple concept, it is easier for MLM Companies to implement this plan and maintain its stability. The recruited member needs no training and they does all the work and report their performance. The members are paid based on their performance and thus provides limitless opportunities for the uplink members to make huge commission.

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