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The Board Compensation Plan is also known as Matrix Cycle or Revolving Matrix Plan is one of the most popular International compensation plans that work in a way similar to a corporate board and is mostly preferred by the companies because of the ease with which it can be implemented and the great revenue generation. This plan got its popularity because of the involvement of a limited number of members and the exceptional results it offers when followed appropriately.

In this plan, the number of members allowed in a board is set by the MLM company. Once the number of members exceeds the specified limit, then the board is split into two sub-boards and the best member is promoted to the highest level. The same process is repeated every time the board reaches the maximum allowed number. On joining the MLM Board Plan, each board member is expected to maintain a blank board having columns and rows and is expected to fill the blank board with new associates and members recruited by them based on which they are compensated. The members can easily earn a loyalty bonus as well as timely commission, which is an added asset to the members of the board.

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The Board Compensation Plan works on two legs concept according to which each level is restricted to have two legs only and is one of the plans in which the members have to pay joining fee so that the startup businesses start making money from day one.

The Board Compensation Plan offers different types of Compensation for its members :

 Referral Bonus
 Matching Bonus
 Level Commission
 Position Bonus
 Board Plan Completion Bonus