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The Uni-Level Compensation Plan is probably one of the oldest and the most established Compensation Plan in the Network Marketing business. Its proven track record makes it one of the most frequently used Compensation Plan, which is also known as Level Plan. Unlike other Compensation Plan, Uni-Level Plan is very easy to implement and is one of those plans where success is assured which is why many Companies still favors this plan.

Level Plan Structure

In Uni-Level Compensation Plan, one can sponsor as many frontline distributors as they like. There is no width restriction on the number of distributors one can have and all distributors are paid the same percentage of commission on their downline sales. The goal is to broaden one's network with direct control over the distributors and to encourage the recruited distributors to build stronger and longer network down the line. Commissions are paid out till a limited depth of distributors within the organization which is usually 5 to 7 levels deep. This limitation in depth inspires distributors to build their frontline wide in order to maximize their earnings.

In the Uni-Level Compensation Plan, there are generally three types of Compensation that are used to keep building up the morale of the members of this plan :

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