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Multi Level Marketing or MLM as it is commonly called is a complex business plan that has proven to be highly successful and extremely attractive for investors across the world.

One such MLM plan is Donation Plan also known as Gift Plan or Help Plan which is widely used for crowd-funding, helping and donation programs. This plan has a high return on investment and great chances of hitting bull's eye and making the profit in no time.

Donation Plan generally works on the core concept of giving and receiving strategy. According to this plan, you give single or multiple gifts to a networker and receive multiple gifts from others. Most of the time, you end up getting gifts that are of higher value as compared to the gifts you have given. In this plan, people are rewarded for gifting some amount of cash to other person and gets assured return in the long run which is why this plan is also called the cash order plan. The money is circulated and members end up making huge profits.

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The Company makes the profit through registrations and by maintaining the system to work efficiently. The scope of the Donation Plan is unlimited, as there is no restriction on how many gifts one can give and receive.

Three fundamentals on which Donation plan is based :


The giving part is the initial stage of this plan. In this, you provide financial help to other members of the organization in anticipation of earning a huge amount of profit in the later stages.


Sharing is the key element to ensure that you keep on earning in the long term. If you get content with small profits, you will never earn big money in this plan. Selflessness is what makes this plan lucrative.


This is the last stage where you receive benefits from other members of the organization.