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Let your product speak for your brand. e-Commerce is a quick way to touch a wider base of potential customers. A premium quality product should meet the best way to mingle with the customers to create the winning outcomes. At MLM Software Inc., we incorporate features that maximize usability, functionality, and brand exposure.

According to us, the two most important aspect of e-Commerce Stores are:

User Interface

Optimizing user interface of your e-Commerce store can drive more potential customers' engagement. Each e-Commerce store has unique audiences, their way of shopping, and interaction with e-Commerce store changes. We believe that neat and clutter free design helps brands communicate better with their shopper. We follow a carefully planned procedure to ensure this:

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Design Strategy

We cater to our clients' requirement and tailor a well planned UI & UX experience for your store.


We believe in maintaining an easily understandable interface that encourages your customers to buy more.

Interactive design

Uniquely Crafted intuitive design is what makes each e-Commerce Store stand out. We bring the use of the most compatible customer model experience that is both friendly and make them love to buy your products.


We focus on creating intuitive and usable e-Commerce store that allows your team to control content, manage sales, track inventory and ultimately sell more products.


The development phase is where the project starts to come to life. We follow best practices developing responsive and cross-device e-Commerce store.

Key Features

Responsive Design: According to studies, 47% shoppers expect less than 4 seconds of loading time for an e-Commerce Store. If it succeeds that, they move on. We believe in coding efficiently to minimize the response time and maximizing the device coverage which will help you reach a large volume of users.

Custom e-Commerce Development

We believe in designing what you want. An unwanted cluster of operations or modules are disposed of to simplify the experience of your e-Commerce Store.

Payment Gateway Integration

Optimizing the checkout process can boost the conversion rates by 62%. We believe in optimizing the payment gateway integration for smoother and effective buying process for customers.

Plug-In Integration

Easy integration to plug-ins, add the much-needed flexibility and values to your e-Commerce Store.

Here at MLM Software Inc., we don't just build you e-Commerce Store; we cater the diverse needs of your potential clients'.